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Dive into the Universe of French Beauty with Payot

Discover the excellence and refinement of French beauty through the exceptional care of Payot, where each product is a promise of well-being, effectiveness, and sensory pleasure. Founded by the avant-garde dermatologist Nadia Payot, our brand symbolizes a successful marriage between the latest scientific advancements and the treasures of nature. Our formulas, developed with remarkable precision, are enriched with natural active ingredients, selected for their effectiveness and gentleness. The textures, true works of art, are designed to offer an unforgettable experience from the first contact with the skin, leaving a veil of softness and a sensation of comfort that lasts all day.

Our commitment does not stop at the beauty of your skin. Payot embodies a philosophy of responsibility and respect for the environment, choosing eco-responsible ingredients and committing to a production respectful of our planet. By choosing Payot, you do more than beautify your skin; you participate in a conscious move towards a greener future.

Each Payot care product is an invitation to a unique sensory journey, where delicate fragrances and melting textures blend to transform your beauty routine into a privileged moment of relaxation and self-care. Whether you want to revitalize your skin, fight against the signs of aging, purify your complexion, or simply pamper your skin with deep hydration, Payot offers a solution adapted to every need and every skin type.

Join the Payot community for a beauty experience that combines the best of science and nature, wrapped in luxury and French elegance. Let yourself be seduced by the proven effectiveness of our products and discover for yourself why Payot has been synonymous with superior quality beauty and skin care for decades. Embrace the promise of radiant, nourished, and visibly younger skin with Payot, your ally for uncompromising beauty.


Suite à l’annonce du Gouvernement du Québec et par souci de protéger la santé de notre clientèle et celle de nos employés, Le Spa Infinima est dans l’obligation de fermer ses installations jusqu’au 4 mai.

Nous continuerons de suivre de près l’évolution de la situation et les indications provenant de l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada (ASPC) ainsi que des autorités provinciales.

Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous par courriel.

Sachez que notre boutique en ligne reste néanmoins ouverte pour toutes commandes de produits et de certificats cadeaux.

Merci à vous chère clientèle fidèle, se sera un honneur pour nous de vous recevoir lorsque la situation actuelle sera rétablie.

Jean-Francois Pouliot