Laser and Pulsed Light Technologies for her

Trust our Cutera-certified beauticians for Xeo Platform operation.

This permanent medical hair removal platform can permanently eliminate unwanted hair using two different technologies to ensure comfort and provide excellent results. These extremely safe technologies can treat any skin type.

  • Pulsed light, also known as IPL, treats skin types 1 to 3, which are rather pale skin tones, since the light captures the pigment. This light then captures the hair's pigmentation, and heats it to destroy it.
  • YAG type laser presents the benefit of being able to treat any skin stone, including very dark (black) skin. Contrary to pulsed light, YAG cristal is not sensitive to pigmentation, and penetrates at a specific depth, up to 1,064nm, to reach only hair. This is why dark skin can be treated. Sun exposure after such a treatment is possible, subject to some restrictions.
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