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About us


Spa Infinima saw the day in May 2008, wishing to offer a relaxing place of care for its customers. During the past years, the company grew and is now offering a wide variety of beauty treatments and well-being products for an all-in-one unique experience.

In addition to offering an environment worthy of the most beautiful spas in the world, Le Spa Infinima combines high quality professional products with the best massage therapists and estheticians in the industry. The Infinima Spa offers a selection of treatments aimed at restoring the health and beauty of your skin while providing an environment of complete relaxation. Listening carefully to your concerns allows our trained professionals to address your specific needs to ensure a results-oriented treatment.


Well-being and relaxation should be to everyone’s reach regardless of their age or gender. With this belief in mind, Spa Infinima has developed professional and personalized massage therapy, beauty treatments and beauty medical treatments all of which are given in a laid back environment.

Vision and Involvement

Ambition, innovation, and preciseness characterize Spa Infinima. The company aims to become renowned in the well-being field and a forerunner of a new type of spa, thanks to the diversity and quality of its treatments. To achieve its goal, Spa Infinima grants employees with training and encourages rigor in their work to reach the quality for which the company is known.

Company values

Respect and professionalism are main values at Spa Infinima. To establish a pleasant and relaxing environment for everyone, employees ensure a positive attitude and respectful and professional manners to customers as well as their coworkers. 

Passion for well-being is essential since it allows customers to leave happy and satisfied with their experience. It drives employees to offer treatments with great sensitivity. 

A company's development begins with the growth of its employees. Spa Infinima ensures to stay informed of new technology and to keep training employees so they can surpass themselves and become experts in their field.


Suite à l’annonce du Gouvernement du Québec et par souci de protéger la santé de notre clientèle et celle de nos employés, Le Spa Infinima est dans l’obligation de fermer ses installations jusqu’au 4 mai.

Nous continuerons de suivre de près l’évolution de la situation et les indications provenant de l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada (ASPC) ainsi que des autorités provinciales.

Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous par courriel.

Sachez que notre boutique en ligne reste néanmoins ouverte pour toutes commandes de produits et de certificats cadeaux.

Merci à vous chère clientèle fidèle, se sera un honneur pour nous de vous recevoir lorsque la situation actuelle sera rétablie.

Jean-Francois Pouliot